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Let’s go into a new economic model !

Many studies have shown that the circular economy enhances business competitiveness and productivity, increases customer loyalty and improves brand image.
Among various axes, the circular economy favours provision rather than possession.

Leasing as a Service : the sustainable solution

Benefit from a leasing offer to finance your IT projects is the best way to follow the technological evolutions. In this dynamic, Rflex provides an integrated service with a broad vision, adapted to the imperatives of obsolescence and the economy of use.

Opt for a stable balance

Operational leasing is the most successful form of outsourcing equipment management. It allows the company not to use its equity in a non-gratifying investment, and to focus on its core business.

The advantages of leasing
  • Protect your capital and use it to develop your business activities
  • Declare lease payments as tax-deductible operating expenses
  • Benefit from the flexibility of our options
  • All your equipment will be managed by a single trusted partner
  • You will no longer be required to pay VAT upfront in one lump sum
  • You will not have to negotiate with your bank to take out loans
Our lease contracts

We offer comprehensive financing agreements with no hidden surprises! The term of the lease corresponds to the financed products’ useful life. Lease payments are adjustable and agreed in advance. They cover support services, maintenance and implementation as well as licenses and comprehensive insurance.
1) Global Rent

You can combine several investments in one package, staggering payments to fit in with key dates for your projects.
One single preferential rate will therefore apply to the financing of all of your projects, but each project will be covered by a specific agreement. Lease payments will be gradually adjusted as projects are paid off. You can tailor your payment schedule to your financial situation.

2) ISO Budget Lease

The ISO Budget clause allows you to invest in new products or to exchange some of the leased products for new products at different times during the term of your agreement. This can be done by extending the term of the agreement without increasing lease payments, or by increasing lease payments without changing the term.

3) Sales & Lease back

Have you already purchased your equipment? We will buy technology and hardware from you at its net book value and list it in a lease agreement. You may also decide to add additional equipment to this agreement. With this option, you benefit from a cash injection and a new budgetary approach to technology – a fresh start!